February 2018

[30% OFF] Happy Lunar New Year 2018 - Year of the Dog

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Happy Lunar New Year 2018 - Year of the Dog


Happy Lunar New Year of the Dog and Valentine's day

Lunar New Year 2018 - Year of the Dog - is coming all over the Southeast Asia. This is the best time for everyone come back home, leave the bittersweet memories of an old year behind and celebrating to look forward a great new year ahead. This year, Lunar new year come at the same time with St. Valentine's day - when you can share all your wishes and loves with your loved ones. In this special occasion, Vina Web Solutions will be closed from Feb 11th to Feb 20th, and comeback on Feb 21st 2018; then, our supports will be delay, thus, we hope you can wait patiently for our replies.

As 2017 (in Chinese calendar) comes to an end, we here at Vina Web Solutions want to thank our members for your dedication and contributions over the past year, we would like to send all of you the BIGGEST sale program of the year:

1. On VinaGecko.com, when you join our membership and insert a coupon code name DOG2018 you can get Joomla products with the price discount 30%. This is the best and only way to get our 83 Joomla Modules and 38 Joomla Templates with this price.

83 Joomla Modules 38 Joomla Templates

2. “Sales 30% off” also apply for 81 items (WordPress Themes, Joomla Templates, Shopify Themes) of Vina Web Solutions was published on Themeforest.net (the price we public was already discount).


A new year is a time to mark progress and growth and with your continued support we hope our growth continues even more in 2018.

Thank you again for your support throughout the past year (and subsequent years, too). Happy Lunar New Year - Happy Valentine's day and see you next year!

81 Themeforest Templates

Please note that:

- This offer is a single offer which is not applicable to use with other promotions/offers!

- This special offer is valid till February 21, 2018 (23:59, UTC +7 time zone)


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