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If your looking a professional custom web design to build a great Joomla site then we have over 5 years experience developing high quality web designs for a wide range of clients across the world.

The following design process will guide you through the steps we take to ensure the custom web design for Joomla is developed to the highest standard plus delivered within the agreed timescales and budget.

What Is Included In The Custom Web Design Service We Offer

  • Development of a unique design for Joomla customized to your exact specifications.
  • Design which is compatible with the latest version of Joomla 2.5 or 3.x
  • Fully responsive web design layout which looks great on desktops, tablet and mobile phone devices.
  • A choice of flexible layouts and module positions.
  • Photoshop file supplied for the original design we develop for you.
  • Finished design installed and setup via your website.
  • 30 days email support.

Step 1: Contact Us For A Quote

  1. Fill in and submit the form that you see on the right hand side of this page.
  2. We will review the completed form and contact you to discuss the specifications for the design.
  3. During this time we will also discuss and agree the budget and timescales for the project with you.

Step 2: Development Starts

  1. Two Photoshop mockup design layouts are developed based on your specifications
  2. Once the mockups are ready you will have the opportunity to review the mockups and request changes if required
  3. Development of the Joomla Template is started based on the agreed Photoshop mockup you have chosen. Any modifications you have requested during the mockup phase will be incorporated into the template.

Step 3: Design Testing

  1. Detailed in-house testing is completed on the design to ensure it functions correctly with the latest version of Joomla plus it renders correctly across the various versions of desktop, tablet and smart phone device browsers.
  2. Once we have completed the in-house testing we will provide you with access to a secure demo site where you will have the opportunity to fully test the custom design.
  3. Any modifications you request to the design during the testing phase of the project will be incorporated in the template.

Step 4: Web Design Is Released To You

  1. After the testing is completed by both you and us and any modifications are incorporated into the web design which you may have requested the final stage of the project is the release the design to you.
  2. The final version of the design will be released to you in the zip package format. The zip package will include the Joomla Template which you can install directly via your website. The zip package will also include a step by step installation guide plus the original Photoshop file.
  3. We also offer the option to install and setup the template for you at your website. More details about this will be discussed with you via email or over the phone.
  4. 30 days support is also available for any issues you may have with the custom template we have developed for you. Please note support does not include modifications to the design. Any modifications you request will be charged at an hourly rate.
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